synthetic fibers - awa paper mfg. co., ltd.

Synthetic Fibers - Awa Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Synthetic fibers are made from organic synthetic high-molecular compounds and are made synthetically from raw materials such as petroleum oil. Using this fiber alone or mixing it with natural pulp provides products with the useful characteristics of fiber.

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organic rankine cycle (orc) - therminol

Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) - Therminol

As precise temperature control, excellent thermal stability, and heat transfer coefficients are key for reliable operation, Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluids are widely used for Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) system applications.

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fiber crop - wikipedia

Fiber crop - Wikipedia

Botanically, the fibers harvested from many of these plants are bast fibers; the fibers come from the phloem tissue of the plant. The other fiber crop fibers are hard/leaf fibers (come from the entirety of plant vascular bundles) and surface fibers (come from plant epidermal tissue).

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cellulosic/synthetic fibre reinforced polymer hybrid

Cellulosic/synthetic fibre reinforced polymer hybrid


Present review deals with the recent development of cellulosic/cellulosic and cellulosic/synthetic fibres based reinforced hybrid composites. Hybrid composites made up of two different cellulosic fibres are less common compare to cellulosic/synthetic fibre, but these are also potentially useful materials with respect to environmental concerns.

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mineral fiber - an overview | sciencedirect topics

Mineral Fiber - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics


High thermal performance insulations based on evacuated powders or fibers or insulations with small diameter fibers or particles provide very high thermal resistance by reducing gas-phase conduction. Reflective insulations and radiant barriers are a class of materials that also rely on the low thermal conductivity of air for their performance.

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thermal properties of oil palm fibre, cellulose and …


This paper reports on the preparation of Na CMC from oil palm EFB and the thermal properties of EFB fibre, holocellulose, α-cellulose and Na CMC. MATERIALS AND METHODS Preparation of Fibre, Holocellulose, Cellulose and Na CMC EFB fibre passing through a mesh of 0.25 mm was used for the cellulose preparation. The dried fibre

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dk science: plant products - fact monster

DK Science: Plant Products - Fact Monster

As well as food and medicines, plants provide other useful products. Many plant cells form NATURAL FIBRES that strengthen and support the plant. The same properties make them perfect for textiles and paper. Timber from trees is used to build boats, houses, and furniture. Palm leaves are woven into

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cellulose fibers | international paper

Cellulose Fibers | International Paper

Global Cellulose Fibers. Our Global Cellulose Fibers business is one of the world’s leading providers for fluff, papergrade, and specialty pulp used in a variety of products that consumers depend on every day. Our innovative fiber solutions help differentiate our customers’ products in a crowded marketplace – and move us toward a more

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